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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such obvious producer manipulation as I have this season. Joslyn more than earned her spot in the bottom two, but the producers obviously felt that Trinity’s story line was over. She had the best look on the runway (one of the best looks to ever grace the runway, period). It is obvious we’re headed toward a Courtney vs. Joslyn LSFYL to complete their story line, and J was saved just for that.

  2. I think it also has something to do with the editing. Joslyn’s runway was horrible, but the judges continually said Trinity’s interview was dreadful. Joslyn may have asked an inappropriate question, but at least she called the guest by the right name.

  3. I have to agree – YES, Trinity KILLED on the runway but she called Chaz “Chad” like 10 times. Unacceptable – so I believe its more than fair that she landed in the bottom 2.

    Anyone else surprised at how good Adore was at the lip sync? I mean we know trinity kills – but Adore was MUCH better than I expected.

    I think the above is right, were gonna have a Courtney / Jocylyn lip synch asap – probably next week. I honestly think Ms. Fox will take it. She is getting an underdog edit – and it seems to all be leading up to her and her “idol” and then her beating her. Which I personally wouldn’t mind happening. Courtney is gorgeous, but I don’t see much drag there.

    But come on – its all about Bianca right? I feel there is no suspense, and that she will be our winner.

    Maybe I am in the minority on this though – I thought Darienne’s Elephant look was the highlight of the night. So clever and so hot!

  4. You know, I thought about it, and I realized getting the interviewees name wrong is pretty bad. Trinity probably deserved to land in the bottom 2. But I feel like Joslyn deserved to be there over Adore (yes, I just said that). I just was really starting to like Trinity. She was starting to come into her own. Maybe Ru will bring her back Carmen Carerra style?

  5. I hate when they bring the queens back. The two times that that’s happened they’ve gone home the same episode. No. No. No.

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