‘Metastasis’ Airs on Netflix

“Metastasis!?! What the hell is that,” you may ask. The answer is infinitely more familiar to you than you know.

Currently streaming on Netflix in Spanish with English subtitles, Metastasis is the Colombian remake of AMC’s award-winning classic Breaking Bad. The series is pretty much a scene-by-scene remake, and The Hollywood Reporter takes a look at key comparisons between the two series.

According to THR, the series was well received on Univision and aired a whopping five nights a week. Some differences include the series naturally ditching the original setting of Albuquerque for Bogota and efficiently naming its anti-hero “Walter Blanco.” Also, Saul Goodman’s character is wonderfully named “Saul Bueno” and hosts a legal talk show.

If you’re a fan of the original and have seen Metastasis, then comment below and tell us what you thought of the remake.


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