'Cinemax' stuns with its new action drama 'Quarry,' which expands beautifully beyond its well crafted pilot in unexpected and captivating directions.

Greg Yaitanes, director of Cinemax's new acclaimed series 'Quarry,' talks to AwardsDaily TV about filming the period crime series.

'Quarry' creators Michael D. Fuller and Graham Gordy talk about transforming the Max Allan Collins series of novels into an intense Cinemax drama.

The Knick returns to Cinemax on October 16.

The Cinemax and TNT programs are given extended life

Robert Kirkman's adaptation of his own comic Outcast has been given a series order

The series of novels by Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition) about a Marine sniper in 1970s Vietnam who becomes a contract killer when he gets home is coming to Cinemax for an 8-episode first season

It’s incredibly frustrating when a once-great television show seems to stumble along the way. Last week, The Knick took a step back from its series forward momentum and spent the hour growing the characters and giving us time to wallow ...

Look on the bright side. It’s not 1900 and you probably don’t have syphilis… or if you do, at least your nose hasn’t fallen off. The Knick kind of likes to revel in how miserable life could be at the ...

After last week’s attention-grabbing, gory pilot episode, Steven Soderbergh’s The Knick settles into more of a standard routine in its second outing. “Standard” for this show, however, just means they’ve cut back on some of the more intense (re: stomach ...

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