Lou Diamond Phillips talks about his unexpected Emmy nomination for the comedy 'Crossroads of History' and the benefits of moving 'Longmire' to Netflix.

'Narcos' is gearing up for the 2016 Emmy season with a For Your Consideration event at the Television Academy in Hollywood.

In the midst of some crazy competition in the Drama categories, do the likes of Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan stand any chance with Emmy? Robin Write offers them up and the show itself for Emmy consideration.

 Kudos to the PR team behind Jane the Virgin. No idea if it will work, but it’s definitely buzz-worthy.   

Robin Write offers up Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany for Best Actress in a Drama Series. Why hasn't she been nominated before? Maybe she's competing against herself...

Lisa Kudrow has won an Emmy before for Friends, but her work in HBO's The Comeback is far more complex and deserving of awards attention.

An adult drama about the pain of loss, Showtime's The Affair deserves serious consideration for Best Drama series at the 2015 Emmy Awards, according to Clarence Moye. But you've heard this before...

Ed O’Neill seems like the kind of guy that my dad would like to hang out with. A sort of grizzled, respected national treasure, Mr. O’Neill has been quite the presence on television his entire career. His career has been ...

T.J. Miller may be the star on the rise, but Zach Woods is Silicon Valley's best supporting actor according to Megan McLachlan.

Joey Moser offers RuPaul in our latest For Your Consideration recommendation.

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