Olivia Cooke

Bates Motel‘s latest episode, “The Pit,” begins with Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) leisurely relaxing in bed with the afterglow of last week’s impossibly optimistic dinner. The space next to her is empty, yet it vaguely looks as if someone may ...

Bates Motel recoups from last week's psychological powerhouse by amping up the subtle creepiness at which it excels. The lines are now clearly drawn as Norman's love/hate relationship with Norma begins to burn.

Bates Motel checks in with another strong episode as Vera Farmiga takes Norma Bates to the brink and back again.

“And we all whitewash our parents’ sins because… on some level… we need to.” – Emma (Olivia Cooke) Norma Bates’s (Vera Farmiga) exterior facade has never looked more fragile that it has this week. Norma’s greatest attribute is, at its basic ...

A recent disappearance draws Norma and Norman's attention. Also, just what the heck is the Arcanum Club? Only Mother knows...

Bates Motel returns with Season Three as Norman Bates seeks more and more of his mother's love. Will this season have greater success in furthering the Bates mythology to the infamous conclusion?

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