Trailers: Plentiful ‘Dead’

AMC hit Comic-Con with two big zombie-based announcements and trailers.

First off, the big daddy zombie show The Walking Dead premiered a super-sized Season Six trailer and set October 11 as its premiere date with a 90-minute episode. The trailer features the addition of Ethan Embry and the usual zombie massacres, hoarding, and human drama we’ve come to expect from the series.

Next, AMC finally set a premiere date of August 23 for its Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead. It’s new trailer sets a somewhat different tone for the series, a natural fit given that Fear is set during the early days of the zombie plague. There are genuine moments of suspense and dread in the trailer, something the original series hasn’t seen in a while. We know how the story ends but, somehow, watching the decay of modern civilization could prove more fascinating.

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