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AwardsDaily began in 1999 as Oscarwatch.com. Founded by Sasha Stone who writes and manages all editorial content with the help of editor Ryan Adams, who came on board in 2006.

Oscarwatch.com was sued by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences for copyright infringement. The site agreed to change its name to AwardsDaily and the suit was dropped. We’ve expanded to include a television coverage site run by Clarence Moye. AwardsDaily participates in the Gurus of Gold at Movie City News and Gold Derby at goldderby.com.

AwardsDaily is a website that covers the Oscar race from start to finish. As one of the early pioneers of the industry, Stone maintains sole ownership of her site.

In addition to Moye, the rest of the AD team includes Megan McLachlan, Joey Moser, David Phillips and Jalal Hadid.

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