Recap: The Good Wife – ‘Red Meat’

Let me start by saying that tonight’s episode of “The Good Wife” was one of the most entertaining hours all season.  Tonight was the make or break moment for Alicia in the States’ Attorney race, but did she win?  Like within the episode, which taunted viewers with a commercial break before the results were announced, I am going to talk about the two other women this episode focused on, Kalinda and Diane.

Kalinda is being tailed

As Cary was fighting for his freedom in the early part of season one, Kalinda became indebted to Lemond Bishop.  While Kalinda would take Bishop’s son to school she realized they were being tailed; she thought it was someone following her because of Bishop, but tonight we found out it ASA Geneva Pine.  Pine was the person who prosecuted Cary Agos, and with the verdict thrown out, and Kalinda working for Bishop she probably assumes there was a connection.  Soon enough Pine may find out that Cary was released because she falsified evidence.

This is all building to Archie Panjabi’s exit towards the end of this season; she tweeted out a picture with her stand in for her stunts a couple of days ago stating, last day of shooting it was fun to smash car windows with this woman.  The interesting fact is that now that Alicia is States Attorney will she be forced to chase down her old confidante?

Diane shot a deer and she liked it

I have to admit my favorite story of the evening was the comedic relief provided by Diane while she was at lodge with her husband, and many rich Republicans, for a hunting trip.  Diane and Kurt are The Good Wife’s version of James Carville and Mary Matalin, only Diane is the liberal and Kurt is the conservative.

Diane assumes she is there to hunt with the men, but no, no, no, she is there to have a spa day with the ladies.  Diane of course turns into lawyer mode to try and pick up a client; she finds out via Cary that the billionaire’s wife is the person who pulls the strings.  After Kurt pulls some strings to bring her out hunting she mentions some her talking points from the “wife,” but find out it’s the billionaire’s call-girl.  I love the way this writing crew adds humor to balance out the tone of the show.

While Diane made a faux pas she ends up talking to R. D. about the women’s right to choose, it’s an interesting discussion, proving her intelligence, something that will help her out later when she finds out that R. D. is the fourth richest man in the country and he too needs a lawyer.  I also have Katy Perry’s next single “Diane shot a deer and she liked it.”

So Did Alicia win?

She….did!  Alicia is the next States Attorney, but not without a little work on Election Day.  In the beginning Peter was a problem; he stated in his first speech she was guaranteed a win, which sometimes hinders people from showing up at the polls, especially Alicia’s supporters.  At the end of the day Peter gave a speech in the loop, which had a lot of Prady supporters.  His presence in the area caused a traffic jam, and possibly won Alicia the election.   It looks like Frank Prady is gone for the time being.  I liked his character and think David Hyde Pierce brought a lot to this role.

On the man front Jonathan left, and I guess we will have to assume they possibly slept together.  The show left with them going into her apartment in passionate embrace, but did not answer that question outright, other than some brief dialogue in the beginning.  I like that they left it to the viewer’s imagination. I also am glad he’s gone.  Finn brought Alicia Halo, to relieve her stress, and she found out he started seeing someone.

I loved this episode, and love that there is a network show which had three storylines, which focused on strong women.  I think it was interesting that both Alicia and Diane’s stories involved guns, whether that was an intentional or not, I thought it made an interesting argument that bust gender expression concepts.  Hunting and video games are not just the man’s domain.  Now that Alicia is the State’s Attorney she may have some struggles with her own firm, which will be very interesting!


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