Aubrey Plaza

Parks and Recreation turns in another stellar episode dedicated to saying goodbye to Andy Dwyer in Johnny Karate Super Awesome style. The second outing provides a solid, less experimental outing about tapping the new Pawnee mayor.

Parks and Recreation returns to its 2-episode pattern as it burns a sentimental streak toward its series finale.

Parks and Recreation provides only a single episode this week, "Donna & Joe." As Donna Meagle's wedding episode, it's a very amiable outing, but it lacks the inspired comedy of recent outings.

Parks and Recreation offers up the brilliant "Gryzzlbox" episode that caps their satiric look at a Google-like tech company. The second outing, "Save JJ's," suffers by comparison and from its lazy, meandering storytelling.

NBC's Parks and Recreation continues its march to its February series finale with two excellent episodes, one bringing the inspired comedy we've grown to expect and one bringing the heart we've grown to love.

Lifetime’s holiday entree Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever premiered tonight to largely (and unsurprisingly) terrible reviews. More surprising is Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza’s reaction to the film on Twitter. Plaza, known for her sardonic sense of humor, provides the voice ...

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