Olivia Colman

AwardsDaily TV talks to 'The Night Manager' co-star Olivia Colman about her excellent work on the Emmy-buzzed AMC limited series.

Broadchurch closes its second season with a shocking verdict. Robin Write also has the verdict on the overall season itself.

With the end of Season Two of the acclaimed drama Broadchurch fast approaching, the prosecution and defense give their summaries before the jury is urged to make its verdict.

With just three episodes left of Broadchurch Season Two, are we to get any closer to a verdict in the Danny Latimer murder or what this Sandbrook case is really all about? Let's find out.

Relationships are brought to the brim this week in Broadchurch as the court case continues and more deep-routed tensions are revealed regarding the Sandbrook case.

Although struggling to match the emotive tone and finer pacing of the incredible first season, Broadchurch has so many effective plot strands keeping us hooked, despite moderate lapses in plausibility.

As we delve into Episode Three of the second season of the crime drama Broadchurch, the Sandbrook case is still haunting Hardy, and the Danny Latimer trial continues in court.

Broadchurch Season Two continues as it further explores the aftermath of Season One and explores new obsessions to carry it forward.

Season Two of the award-winning murder mystery drama Broadchurch arrives in the States. Can it match the high emotional impact of the first season?

Robin Write revisits Season One of iTV's critically acclaimed series Broadchurch in preparation for Season Two's US premiere this week on BBC America. Forget FOX's Gracepoint imitation, Broadchurch is the real deal.

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