'Better Call Saul' should not be ignored as an Emmy contender. Season 2 provides as much emotional firepower as "that other show" it's competing against.

AwardsDaily TV talks to 'The Night Manager' co-star Olivia Colman about her excellent work on the Emmy-buzzed AMC limited series.

Susanne Bier talks to ADTV about directing AMC's 'The Night Manager,' adding her personal directorial touches to the property, and making Hollywood films.

AMC's Preacher is the latest comic book to try and replicate 'The Walking Dead's' success. Will its blend of macabre humor and graphic violence catch on?

AMC's 'Preacher,' an upcoming series developed by the producing team of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, debuts its first four minutes online.

Tom Hiddleston has his Bond role in the handsome and thrilling 'The Night Manager' limited series. Viewers and Emmy voters will find this hard to resist.

'Better Call Saul' went home empty-handed at last year's Emmy ceremony. Will a beloved (in many quarters) second season reap an uptick in Emmy glory?

AMC's 'The Walking Dead' spin-off 'Fear the Walking Dead' takes to the seas to keep it fresh. Does the watery setting work for the troubled series?

A look at the second season of 'Better Call Saul' from the perspective of a 'Breaking Bad' yet to see the first season. What's the verdict? Does it stand on its own?

AMC's new martial arts entry 'Into the Badlands' features the expected jaw-dropping fight choreography but is bogged down by an excess of mythology and clichéd dialogue.

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