Water Cooler Podcast: Episode 50 – Peeking at the Amazon Pilot Season


Yup. We’re 50. And, like Sally O’Malley, we can kick, stretch, and kick our way through some of the new 2015 Amazon pilot episodes. How’s that for a transition? For the past few years, Amazon has commissioned various pilot episodes for comedy, drama, and kids’ series and made them available for free on their website. The intent is for the viewing public to help Amazon choose what pilots will make it through to a full season order – a more democratic way to sort through pilot season than the largely closed-door network version. This process spawned the upcoming critically acclaimed drama The Man in the High Castle.

On this week’s 50th podcast, Joey, Megan, and Clarence grade each of the comedy and drama pilot episodes. Join in the process from home by viewing any or all of the 2015 Amazon pilots and giving your opinion on their merits in the Comments below!

On a side note, we know you all have many, many options for television and other pop culture podcasts. The fact that you continue to listen to ours and provide such great feedback means the world to each of us. As we approach our first anniversary, we have only you, our loyal listeners, to thank for our unexpected longevity.

So, THANKS to all our fantastic listeners for giving us your ears each week. We love you guys for it!


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