Fox's Scream Queens underwhelmed in early ratings. Is there trouble brewing in Murphyland?

Fox's Empire returned with big ratings, big stars, and the big presence of Taraji P. Henson.

Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens vamps its way onto Fox with a 2-hour premiere that nearly overwhelmed the small pleasures to be had from the horror/comedy hybrid.

Fox's Minority Report sequel/reboot is more effective than anticipated largely thanks to a quirky and twitchy lead performance by Stark Sands.

Fox’s upcoming Ryan Murphy horror extravaganza Scream Queens has released its opening credits. The heavily 80s-inspired sequence is just one more piece of evidence that this series may be bloody good fun. 

Well, the Wayward Pines experiment is over, and, even if you’d read the novels it’s based upon, there was at least one surprise left for your viewing pleasure as the series wrapped up.  You can’t really talk about Wayward Pines without spoiling it, ...

Well, here we go… FOX is started the campaign last week for its January limited series X-Files event with the “201 Days of The X-Files” gimmick that, nonetheless, this writer fell for. Now, it’s a brief teaser that aired during tonight’s X-Files-y Wayward Pines. ...

It is roughly 201 days until the premiere of the X-Files revival on Sunday, January 24, and FOX is celebrating by kicking off a 201 day-long viewing party. Buried at the end of their event teaser are the first, very brief ...

Two more Oscar winners flee the big screen for juicier television roles.

Reboots, remakes, and revamps - a steady stream is on its way.

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