Scream Queens

Netflix officially ordered a second season for its summer smash 'Stranger Things.' Plus, 'Game of Thrones' and 'Scream Queens' updates.

The 'Scream Queens' Season 2 trailer is here. Check out the Chanels, John Stamos, and Jamie Lee Curtis in their new hospital setting.

Whatever you think about 'Scream Queens' as a series, it is impossible to ignore the hundreds of one-liners that the writing staff hurls by you at light speed. Here are 13 of our favorites so far this season.

Fox's Scream Queens underwhelmed in early ratings. Is there trouble brewing in Murphyland?

Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens vamps its way onto Fox with a 2-hour premiere that nearly overwhelmed the small pleasures to be had from the horror/comedy hybrid.

Fox’s upcoming Ryan Murphy horror extravaganza Scream Queens has released its opening credits. The heavily 80s-inspired sequence is just one more piece of evidence that this series may be bloody good fun. 

Like a moth to a giant deadly bug zapper, we return to yet another Ryan Murphy production. Dammit.

Ryan Murphy’s next horror project, Scream Queens, has released another trailer – this one titled “Pledges.” Scream Queens premieres in Fall 2015 on FOX.

Proving to be pretty much exactly what we expected, Ryan Murphy's Fall TV series Scream Queens gets an early look in this week's Entertainment Weekly.

Katie Holmes books a major role on Ray Donovan, Scream Queens has a Jonas Brother, Norman Lear wants to do a Latino One Day at a Time and more

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