Jessica Jones

Emmy-winning composer Sean Callery returns to the game this year with two nominations for 'Jessica Jones' and 'Minority Report.'

After months of build up and brief tastes/teasers of the character, Netflix finally unveils its next chapter in the television Marvel Universe. Meet 'Jessica Jones.'

The last, final, one-week-to-go, this time we really mean it, ultimate 'Jessica Jones' trailer drops, revealing more of the supporting cast and primary villain.

With the horror-binge of October just about running dry, how about you turn to Netflix once again to see what new offering November might bring. Here is just a glimmer of whats coming.

Rumored to be as ultra-violent as Daredevil, Netflix's newest Marvel property Jessica Jones finally unveils a complete look at the anticipated series.

Netflix releases another teaser in support of its upcoming Jessica Jones series.

Netflix has released a slightly more in-depth teaser trailer for its upcoming Marvel release Jessica Jones.

Netflix has announced a premiere date for Jessica Jones, its follow up to last Spring’s critically acclaimed Daredevil. Jones will drop on November 20 during the standard Netflix availability window. The series tells the story of the titular character, played ...

Pilot season continues as NBC, ABC, FOX, and TBS add to their lineup. Murphy's Scream Queens adds a Jonas brother. Is FOX prepping an X-Men pilot? Find out in ADTV news!

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