togetherness series finale

One lesson to be learned from HBO's Togetherness series finale: the kids will not be all right.

Mark Duplass took to Twitter on Friday to announce the official cancellation of 'Togetherness,' his HBO series which was co-produced with brother Jay and Steve Zissis.

Jalal reviews the return of two HBO dramedies, 'Girls' and 'Togetherness.' What direction is 'Girls' headed in now that they are in their late 20s? Does 'Togetherness' hold up to its excellent season one finale?

Megan McLachlan offers up the first in a series of For Your Consideration pieces, praising Best Supporting Actress Comedy contender Amanda Peet's fresh take on a familiar character.

The new AwardsDailyTV Water Cooler Podcast is on the air! Join the ADTV gang as they talk about the encouraging relative diversity of the recent TV award winners and nominees, FOX’s new hit Empire, HBO’s amiable Togetherness, the home stretch ...

After three episodes of its eight-episode first season, it seems pretty clear where Togetherness is headed and what it’s going to be. I don’t mean that as a criticism. Unless it changes gears in subsequent episodes (and there’s no reason ...

The second episode of Mark and Jay Duplass’ Togetherness finds the HBO comedy drama further settling into the amiable if bittersweet groove it began charting in the series premiere. This is a show of modest character beats and human moments ...

The approach to 40 can be a strange, middle-ground kind of time, awkwardly poised between young and old. You don’t feel as old as 40 seemed to be when you were 20, but for many, the dreams of a future ...

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