Water Cooler Podcast: Episode 33 – Emmy Nominations

It’s finally Emmy time, folks. After months of predictions, prognostication, and advocacy, the Television Academy has released their 2015 Emmy nominations. Joey, Megan, and Clarence discussion their in-depth reactions, surprises, and disappointments. Additionally, they begin to sort through the nominees and try to figure out who’s ahead at this point in the overall Emmy race. If you have feedback or predictions of your own, then drop them in the Comments section below.

On next week’s episode, we’re going to tackle the unexpected phenomenon of FOX’s Wayward Pines, so, if you’re behind on the show, then here’s some advanced warning to catch up and be a part of our conversation. Also, coming in August, we plan to dive into another Water Cooler flashback – this time, Netflix’s divisive fourth season of Arrested Development. If you’ve seen it, then maybe it’s worth a revisit. If not, then here’s the perfect time to binge away.

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