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100th Podcast

Episode 100: The Cooler Gang welcomes a special guest to celebrate their 100th podcast.

This week at the Water Cooler, we’re celebrating our official 100th podcast by tripping and stumbling down memory lane. We revisit some of our very favorite podcast (or in some cases website) moments over the past two years. Yup, it’s a clip show! Then, we look forward to next year and make a bold prediction or three around Emmy 2017. What shows will make it big? What will be the next shocking omission? How will Joey cope with the Limited Series actress category that could possibly contain Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Michelle Pfeiffer?

Before that, we talk about two current events: the recent revelation of the American Horror Story: Roanoke Big Twist and a particular Saturday Night Live skit that we feel owes us a writing credit.

And as always, we’ll close with the Flash Forward to the television we’re most anticipating in the upcoming week.

Thanks for listening on our 100 podcast episode journey! Join us in the celebration by rating us on iTunes!

04:56 – American Horror Story: Roanoke
18:47 – Saturday Night Live from 10/22
29:13 – Celebrating our 100th Podcast
01:11:26 – Flash Forward

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  1. Avatar
    Robin Write 6 years ago

    Oooh special guest – exciting!

  2. Avatar
    Al Robinson 6 years ago

    Great episode you guys! Laughed so hard at the big clitoris stuff, and when Craig was cursing and Joey snorting. Don’t worry Joey, I snort all the time, so you’re good. lol.

    I really gotta check out some of these shows you mentioned, but especially The Exorcist and maybe, AHS: Roanoke.

    1. Avatar
      Clarence Moye 6 years ago

      Catch up on The Exorcist before our next podcast! (Hint hint) Plus, thank you for being such a loyal reader and listener. We truly appreciate it!

      1. Avatar
        Al Robinson 6 years ago

        Okay, I will work on watching the show. Thanks for the hint.
        You’re welcome and thank you for the kind words Clarence! Please keep up the good work guys. 🙂

      2. Avatar
        Robin Write 6 years ago

        Al hasn’t even seen the film The Exorcist I bet.

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