Podcast: 69’ing with ‘Party Down’

Episode 69: On this week’s podcast, we deep dive into the cult classic comedy Party Down

Joey leads the Water Cooler Podcast gang through an analysis of Starz’s prematurely canceled 2009 comedy Party Down. If you’re not familiar with the show (as I wasn’t), then you’re definitely missing out. If you’re a fan of such office-environment comedy as The OfficeParks & Recreation, or even Superstore, then you should check out Party Down. This 2-season series stars Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Lizzy Caplan, and other great actors in an engaging and hilarious workplace comedy.

During the podcast, the gang discusses their reactions to the show, the unexpected brilliance of Ken Marino, the success of a critical cast change, and what the comedy seems to be saying about the workplace and about what it means to have a successful career.

And once more my apologies for the delay in this week’s podcast. Check back with us on Monday for our next episode. Thanks for your patience and, as always, for being such loyal followers!

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