20/20 Hindsight on the 2016 Emmy Awards

Episode 95: The Cooler Gang Looks Back on last night’s 2016 Emmy Awards and at the American Horror Story premiere

Last night marked the end of the 2016 Emmy Awards season with the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. We asked Jalal Haddad to join us to review the ceremony, talk about the winners and losers, and take a look at what most surprised us within the 3-hour ceremony. Then, we took a quick look at the once top-secret premiere of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story Season 6 which may or may not be titled “My Roanoke Nightmare.” What does the new season offer and was it really worth all that secrecy?

Finally, we close with the Flash Forward of what television most excites us in the upcoming week.

Thanks for listening!

5:21 – 2016 Emmy Awards recap
1:01:54 – American Horror Story
1:12:32 – Flash Forward

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