Emmy Spotlight

AwardsDaily TV looks at USA's Mr. Robot season one as a strong contender for Emmy nominations. But how far will Emmy fall for the series?

The Television Academy has doggedly and frustratingly ignored 'Bates Motel,' one of TV's best dramas, for years. That has to stop now more than ever.

'The Good Wife' ended its 7-season run Sunday. ADTV takes a look at the merits of the finale and what Emmy possibilities are in the waiting for the series.

Megan's Herculean effort to watch HBO's 'Vinyl' doesn't pay off despite four attempts. Will Emmy be that dogged in her effort to absorb Scorsese's mania?

Will 'Black-ish' season two break into major Emmy categories this year or will Anthony Anderson continue to be the sole representation of the ABC hit?

Beyoncé marches toward her EGOT with HBO's critically acclaimed 'Lemonade' visual album. Will Emmy bow down to the pop culture diva?

Will Emmy still find 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' strong as hell this year? Or is the bloom off the rose? Plus, Joey starts banging the drum for Anna Camp.

The time is winding down on the 2016 Emmy Awards season. Here's an overview of what to expect from AwardsDaily TV.

'Downton Abbey' racked up 59 nominations over five seasons. Will the period drama go out with a bang or will voters move on in its final season?

'Better Call Saul' went home empty-handed at last year's Emmy ceremony. Will a beloved (in many quarters) second season reap an uptick in Emmy glory?

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