Emmy Spotlight


AwardsDaily TV takes a look at HBO's Insecure and its Emmy chances. Issa Rae is the strongest bet, but what else stands on the horizon?
Hairspray Live

NBC debuted 'Hairspray Live!' tonight, and Joey Moser has the ADTV review. Plus, Joey looks at the event's Emmy potential in the wake of 'Grease Live!'

With tonight's finale, Westworld Season 1 is on the books. How will the Television Academy react to this complex (and very naughty) phenomenon?

ADTV looks at the Emmy fortune of 'Roanoke' which unveiled its Season 6 finale last night. Will the Television Academy's love affair with 'AHS' finally die?
Game of Thrones

'Game of Thrones' banked its Emmy fate on last week's 'Battle of the Bastards.' After tonight's super-sized finale, what are its overall Emmy odds?
Broad City

Once again, Broad City proves tops in comedy television, adding numerous guest stars to its already winning formula. But is that enough for Emmy?
Grease Live

Joey Moser discusses the process behind bringing Fox and Paramount TV's 'Grease: Live' to the small screen with its talented creative team, including 'Hamilton' director Thomas Kail.

Despite middling nominations year after year, ABC's 'Scandal' has undergone a surprising and enthralling fifth season that could turn Emmy's head.
House of Cards

AwardsDaily TV puts the Emmy Spotlight on 'House of Cards' during this wild election year. Will current political mania benefit the series at the 2016 Emmys?
American Crime

'American Crime' is a worthy competitor in the competitive Limited Series Emmy race. How hard will Emmy fall for the critically acclaimed series?

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