With possibly all seven of last year's nominees returning, Jalal looks at what might be shaping up to be the most boring comedy series race in recent years.

AwardsDaily TV takes a look at HBO's Insecure and its Emmy chances. Issa Rae is the strongest bet, but what else stands on the horizon?

In the newest installment of our Awards Tracker, Jalal looks at what cable and premium TV shows have the best chance of breaking into the awards season. Is HBO's dominance in jeopardy?

Prentice Penny, showrunner of "Insecure," talks to AwardsDaily TV's Megan McLachlan about the new HBO comedy and what inspires him to take on a project.

Of all the high profile programming on HBO this Fall, 'Insecure' comes with the quietest buzz. Discover this great show for yourself.

For viewers who can’t wait until this weekend to check out the new HBO comedy series Divorce and Insecure and the second episode of the new drama series Westworld, special advance premieres of Sunday night’s episodes are all available to stream right ...

We look at three major new HBO Fall TV series including 'Westworld,' a complex sci-fi western, and 'Divorce,' a return to HBO for Sarah Jessica Parker.

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