The Walking Dead

Because if there's one thing that screams comic books, it's TV trailers! San Diego's Comic-Con panels unveil new trailers for 'American Gods' among others.

Dying appears easy, but staying dead? That appears more difficult. Clarence takes a look at some recent notable TV deaths.

This week at the Water Cooler, the gang dish the week's big premieres and some on-going fears they have for recurring shows.

'The Walking Dead' fans rejoice! AMC has unveiled the first four minutes of Sunday's season six midseason premiere.

'Grey's Anatomy' alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan is cast in a 'Walking Dead' iconic role, 'Supergirl' encounters ratings kryptonite, 'MST3k' announces a reboot, and more in an ADTV news roundup.

The Walking Dead returns with an episode that stretches its typical artistic endeavors. As a result, it reinvigorates the blockbuster series by balancing tense character interactions with the ever-present zombie threat.

AMC hit Comic-Con with two big zombie-based announcements and trailers. First off, the big daddy zombie show The Walking Dead premiered a super-sized Season Six trailer and set October 11 as its premiere date with a 90-minute episode. The trailer features ...

The Walking Dead ends its fifth season with a super-sized season finale. Who lives? Who dies? Clarence wonders if the better question is "Who cares?"

As Alexandria reacts to the brutal events of last episode, multiple story lines finally start converging toward a central theme - the erosion of the Alexandria Safe-Zone's stability.

In an episode directed by David Lynch's daughter Jennifer, the seeming utopia of Alexandria starts to erode, a surprise to none.

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