“Slavery sir? It’s done.”

Hoping to scrape whatever’s left of their dignity off the floor, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the third ranking House Republican is bringing Spielberg’s film to DC so that perhaps the Grand Old Party could be reminded of when it was once a driving force for real change instead of a reach-around to religious fanaticism.

According to CNN, this isn’t the first time , has tried to help a brutha out by showing a movie — he also brought in Moneyball to help illuminate the numbers game. Now, he’s likely trying to pull the crazies off the towers and back to reality.

[thanks to Dennis]

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  • KMS

    a pointless news item, but it allowed you to unleash your daily dose of political bias

    oh, the joys of blogging

  • tonyr

    I just don’t understand how Sasha doesn’t see that Obama isn’t that much different from Bush when it comes to our military presence overseas. He may be going about it a different way, but the drones, NDAA, Afghanistan being prolonged until 2014 speaks to a much more hawkish president than Democrats care to admit.

  • unlikely hood

    Where are they screening it? Ford’s Theater?

  • The German

    How is the Left any different concerning fanaticism? If you disagree with their positions, 9 times out of 10, they try to shut you down through political correctness. That’s what I would call fanatical behavoir.

  • represent DLV

    Blind party tribalism is so unfortunate.

  • DaneM

    If they brought it into schools – a la Schindlers List (and heck, it’s even more content appropriate than SL), that would be a huge boost to its campaign.

  • Luke

    Not that you’re generalizing the GOP here or anything….

  • Chris138

    tonyr: You’re right. If anything his foreign policy is Bush-lite.

  • Tyler j. Pratt

    You’re almost getting as bad as Jeff Wells, Sasha. The election is over, give this shit a rest please, we are in PRIME Oscar season territory right now, focus on how awesome that is instead of mud slinging.

  • Nic V

    I’m going to say something I don’t think you’re gonna Sashs. But you know who your beginning too sound like? You’re beginning to sound like all those good ole white boys from the south who had nothing good to say about black people and thought they found a bargain on white sheets. You’re beginning to sound like all those strange Germans in the thirties who railed against the Jews. Generalizations do not define any group of people. All they do is too help create a atmosphere where racism of any sort can fester.

  • g

    Oh please calm down everyone, it is kind of news that the house GOP wants everyone to watch Lincoln. Lets face it they need a little inspiration because a few of them are still trying to beat a dead horse. Maybe an amazing movie about an amazing president will break into the bubble surrounding them.

  • unlikely hood

    too soon?

  • Jeff

    You’re woefully misinformed if you believe that religious fanaticism is driving the republican party. The religion of the republican party is capitalism.

  • steve50

    (Anticipated comment) “why are we watching this – ain’t no more slavery, is there?”

    You can lead a horse to water, but….

  • w.j.

    Sad thing you naysayers. Sasha is dead on.

  • I just don’t understand how Sasha doesn’t see that Obama isn’t that much different from Bush when it comes to our military presence overseas. He may be going about it a different way…

    You mean how President Obama chooses to go after specific hard targets? Instead of how Bush chose to slaughter 130,000 Afghan and Iraqi civilians, sending 5000 Americans to their deaths and wrecked the lives of untold numbers more who survived without arms and legs?

    Not “that much different”? Not unless you count human suffering.

    Bush caused far more death, destruction, and maiming than the Taliban ever caused. Shouldn’t we be glad Obama “is going about it a different way”?

  • Obama vs. Bush?

    drones vs. this:

    IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN: American casualties total 500,000, counting injury and disease

    Here’s an eye-popping number:

    American military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan now exceed 500,000, if you count certain injuries and diseases including mental illness that the Department of Defense doesn’t include in its official combat-related casualty toll in an effort to soften U.S. military losses in the wars and win funding for them from the Congress.

    For example, cases of traumatic brain injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, as a result of serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are excluded from the official list of casualties.

    “Under this scheme, chronic injuries and many acute internal injuries such as hearing impairment, back injuries, mild traumatic brain injuries, mental health problems and a host of diseases suffered by personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan are usually not counted as being war-related regardless of how debilitating they are. They are either generally lumped into the category of ‘non-hostile wounded’ or simply not counted at all.”

  • You’re woefully misinformed if you believe that religious fanaticism is driving the republican party. The religion of the republican party is capitalism.

    The religion of the Republican power elite is greed and they motivate millions of Republican voters by playing on their ingrained racist and religious fanaticism.

    (ATTN Republican readers of AD who are not racists or fundamentalist fanatics: I’m not talking about you. I wish you’d fix your screwed up party.)

  • Cameron

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Occam’s Razor, Ryan. It’s really that simple, and no amount of statistics or rationslization is going to change that.

  • It’s really that simple, and no amount of statistics or rationslization is going to change that.

    I’m sorry for your soul if you think 500,000 human beings Bush policies destroyed are a statistic.

  • Cameron

    I’m sorry you think polishing the brass on the titanic will change the name of the ship…but have fun arguing along your party lines, let me know when you choke on the spoon they feed you with

  • You can tell me Obama and Bush are just alike the day Obama is responsible for inflicting traumatic brain injury on 360,000 American soldiers. Choke on that.

  • nwh2787

    The film is incredibly good and historically accurate. Historians are going gaga goo goo over it.

  • Keil S.

    The point isn’t Bush vs. Obama or rich homophobic racist white people versus unemployed illegals with nine children.

    The point is that this site is a film blog called Awards Daily and it gets tiresome logging on to read political jabs. I’d say the same thing if she was stereotyping or insulting Democrats/liberals. It’s the same crap that David Poland’s been guilty of, though I think he’s calming down and realizing the drawbacks of his actions since Election night. I’m sure I could continue seeking out other film sites, but sadly many of them tend to suffer from similar blatant biases. I appreciate that your passionate about your beliefs, but remember why people are drawn to your site in the first place.

  • Keil S.

    you’re, not your

  • Matt

    “could be reminded of when it was once a driving force for real change instead of a reach-around to religious fanaticism”…

    I am pretty encouraged by the comments logged here. You are all such beautiful and intelligent people whose comments always require thought and notice. I hope you are all well, happy, healthy, watching something good, in good company, maybe 2 or 3 beers in, metaphorically or literally… I initially logged in through concern and reaction, but there is always more to the story isn’t there… You know, I love the Internet, I am so happy to live in a time with the Internet, I wouldn’t take it over vinyl, but over a ’57 Chevy probably, but I’m cheap and not into cars, but I digress, no, actually 0 beers in, literally, but yeah metaphorically I’m doing okay… But anyways, perhaps you have heard of that religious fanatic named Flannery O Connor, well anyways, she liked to say how for something to be universal, first it had to be particular, or something. But, I believe ‘religious fanatic’ should first be particular to be more universally stated and expressed. So perhaps you would be better served in the future to, rather than say ‘religious fanatic’ or ‘right winger’ etc you just said ‘Matt’. Okay there is that other Matt, but just ‘Matt, yeah you know which Matt’. But reach around?…. Ha ha lol, that’s cute. Anyways. I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Fox News, primarily the boxes based design, but yeah, it’s not great, um… I’m not really much of a Republican in an official way or anything, but probably a Religious fanatic, I mean I love the Puritans, like unironically and the Westminster Confession of Faith, I’ve mentioned it before, so you are more than welcome to look into, I think that merits the term in modern usage, I mean its nothing out of the ordinary, just saying in terms of this section of society, that is probably at least a portion of that large group you are referring to. But the Internet, which I love, don’t get me wrong. It really is just spectacular, anyways, the Internet obviously allows for the more ad hominem attack. I thinks the issues behind it all are fascinating, so the convention would be better served without ad hominem attacks, which could be the downfall of us as a society on these internets, whoa heavy man, just cool it down… Anyways, here’s the idea, I mean what if I was this guy, you know, a religious fanatic in terms of that hip, likes good movies crowd and all section of society, but okay a religious fanatic that you get to actually identify with that whole demographic, I mean a witty (witty means no one laughs right?) handsome, charmingly shy (at least within that section of society that likes good movies/is cool), gently affirming, unassuming, quietly deep and introspective, un cranky, good listener, an INFP who therefore harbors deep convictions surprising to many, wait what was I talking about. But yeah, say this was some kind of party thing and I lived out in Hollywood, etc or just any section of whatever metropolitan are where the cool people are, likes good movies, but maybe some of that talk automatically excludes some. I mean look, I could hang out with the people exclusively who like Alex Cross or the Hobbit or whatever, but I don’t know, they’re not very interesting, not ‘likes good movies’ people, etc. but is there a place in the arena of differing views politically especially, but theologically as well? I have certainly witnessed many ad hominem statements from many that would seem not so… But I teeter around anways, not just an unusual match so far as interests/beliefs, but in pretty exclamatory directions Westminster confession, then like even among ‘likes good movies’ I find that description is not even as extremely embodies in the robustness of hobby amongst the whole crowd. But it makes it fascinating, the God of all that is good and beautiful does not exclude us from appreciation from His abundant riches as wealthy heirs, the first miracle Jesus ever performed, therefore making a statement, was to turn 150 gallons of water into the best wine you probably could ever taste, in the midst of a party well under way. And it would be the liberal, not the conservative view that this was simply the emotional response of the participants to Jesus’ charisma, no that’s real wine in your glass there. But at the same time, a deep moral sensibility causes so many stories and depictions to carry so much weight and emotion, enhancing the experience of stories. I’m a complicated man, and I’m always thinking, I just can’t stop thinking and thinking and feeling. More so.

  • Keil S.

    Either that’s the title for Fiona Apple’s next album or Matt’s brain done broke.

  • André

    I’ll have whatever it is that Matt’s having, since I’m on vacation now 😛

  • André

    Also, I’ll be damned if his post doesn’t qualify as modern art in some way! =)

    thank you Sasha and Ryan, it’s great to be back 🙂

  • HIP OP

    AND —-not a PEEP, even in this ‘new’ 2012 Lincoln
    of Lincoln’s quite possibly —FATAL— diss of the
    Global USURY bank syndicate over finance of the war.

    CHECK OUT ‘MoneyMasters’ documentary online.
    22 MILLION already have.

    THEN —–see what you make of Spielberg’s latest
    PC moral alibi for things unfolding —-and himself. . .

  • HIP OP

    AND —-as always —–BEWARE calls for equality
    from BILLIONAIRES in Trotsky glasses who’ve spent
    the past 3 decades delivering PC moral alibis and
    predictive programming for the Globalist EUGENICS
    ‘age—-enda’. . .

  • Pete

    Agreed about shutting down speech because you don’t like it. Remember that next time you call for a boycott of a store when the clerk says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas

  • Mel

    Read an interesting piece on Lincoln, the President, today. I have historian friends that hold or are in the middle of completeing PhD in history who are unhappy with the movie and the way it obscures the importance and involvement of African-Americans in the events to end slavery. I was highly disappointed in the way that the Oscar Podcast tossed off this criticism off….so much so that I stopped listening to that episode b/c I love Sasha and Ryan and the flippancy and dismissal of the feelings of Black folks and historians about the movie was upsetting to me and felt very very much in the cave of “white privilege” where you can do that and who cares b/c it’s not important to us.

    Anyway, here is the article. These things are worth discussing. The end of slavery was very much something set into motion by the slaves themselves. These situations were created by their will and strength. Not the kindness of Abraham Lincoln’s heart. Completely taking that out of the equation is totally disappointing and it can and should be talked about instead of slapped down by worshippers of this film who can’t handle some discussion. This article is a year old and adds some perspective.


  • Matt

    That is the first time in the history of the Internet that a post was referred to as ‘modern art’ that simultaneously, unironically affirmed the Puritans. But you people are just spectacular! Gosh, grade A.

  • Dave


    You must be one of the dumbest, most misinformed people on the internet. You clearly get your facts and figures from the liberal MSNBC much the same as neocons get their inculaction from Fox News. Have you EVER worked in DC or strapped on a unifrom? Because until you do, your whining is sad and indulgent. Obama was in THREE wars at once pal. And even liberals like Michael Moore (who you probably love have decried Obama’s foreign policy. But then again, you live in Chicago, the dumbest city in America; so your opinion are not that surprising. You probably supported Rahm Emanuel, too right? Wow you are a loon.

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