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Germany’s Oscar hopeful: Barbara

Germany’s official 2013 Foreign Language Film submission, directed by Christian Petzold, summarized by Alt Film Guide.

Starring Nina Hoss, the political/romantic drama Barbara earned Petzold the Silver Bear for Best Director at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. Additionally, Barbara received seven nominations for the Lolas, the German Academy Awards, eventually winning the runner-up trophy for Best Film… Set in 1980s East Germany, Barbara tells the story of a doctor (Hoss) banished to a small countryside hospital after requesting an exit visa.

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  1. geez and we all know what France is gonna submit. Who’s gonna submit Amour? Austria? Really hope so…

  2. I thought this sounded good. Now I know it looks good too.

  3. BARBARA is truly a great movie, which i loved even more than Life of Others. Fantastic Nina Foss, i totally loved her. it’s a very strong contender for at least a nomination for best foreign film this year, believe me. This is kind of movie that Oscar jury always prefer to be in the list of 9 finalists.

  4. Thanks for the post, Ryan! And I wanna second what Gregory said. I also liked “Barbara” much better than “The Lives of Others”. It´s a quite film, nuanced and with a special mood of melancholy, which stands by your side for a long time after you leave the theatre.

  5. Oh, english language… “quiet”, not “quite”… :-)

  6. @Bryce Forestieri: yes, the Austrian Film Commission just announced that it will submit “Amour”

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