Spielberg, Goodwin, and Day-Lewis on 60 Minutes: “Bringing Lincoln to Life”

60 Minutes tonight explores the depth of detail that Spielberg and his collaborators put into recreating Lincoln’s world of 1864. Here’s the complete 12-minute segment featuring extended interviews with Doris Kearns Goodwin, Daniel Day-Lewis and Spielberg himself....
Posted On 10 Feb 2013

Viola Davis Wears Her Natural Hair as she intros Day-Lewis

Whenever I see that beautiful afro on Viola Davis I am reminded of her subtle rebellion against the need to blend in to appeal to industry voters who really only see one kind of woman.  She did it at the Oscars and she’s done it again last night. Also, Daniel Day-Lewis...
Posted On 28 Jan 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis in the Lincoln Bedroom

Nov. 15, 2012 “We had just watched the movie ‘Lincoln’ in the White House theatre with the director, screenwriter and many of the actors attending. Later, the President invited Daniel Day-Lewis upstairs to see the Lincoln Bedroom in the private residence. Here...
Posted On 03 Jan 2013

New York Film Critics Awards, 3 apiece for Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln!

Best Film: Zero Dark Thirty Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty Best Actress: Rachel Weisz, Deep Blue Sea Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field, Lincoln Best Supporting Actor: Matthew McConaughey, Bernie and Magic Mike Best...
Posted On 03 Dec 2012

The Eternal Reach: How Steven Spielberg’s evolving ideas continue to ignite cinema

There was something very telling watching Steven Spielberg at the AFI Fest last year introducing TinTin. He did two things. He downplayed our expectations of the movie we were about to see and he breathlessly announced he was still in Virginia filming Lincoln. His enthusiasm for...
Posted On 17 Oct 2012

Denzel Washington Launches into the Oscar Race for Best Actor

Todd McCarthy says about Denzel Washington in Robert Zemeckis’ Flight, “Onscreen for nearly the entire running time, Washington has found one of the best parts of his career in Whip Whitaker, a middle-age pilot for a regional Southern airline who knows his stuff and...
Posted On 16 Oct 2012

Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln

Can’t say “first look” because we’ve already seen leaked set pics, but EW has the first official look at Daniel Day-Lewis in costume and in character as Abraham Lincoln.
Posted On 07 Aug 2012

News: Theron Joins Cody and Reitman, Day Lewis is Moriarty and Other News

Charlize Theron will try on Diablo Cody’s dialogue for size in the next film by Cody and directed by Jason Reitman. ¬†Thanks to Kevin for that and the following link: In other news, Daniel Day Lewis will collect a nice paycheck to play Professor Moriarty, opposite Robert...
Posted On 02 Aug 2010

Daniel Day-Lewis as Professor Moriarty?

Today’s Unconfirmed Rumor: ComingSoon says SuperHeroHype says director Guy Ritchie hopes to convince Daniel Day-Lewis to play Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2, due December 16, 2011. “The site adds that if that doesn’t work...
Posted On 24 Jun 2010